When Taylor Swift stopped by the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center earlier this month, it brightened the day for many sick kids, including one girl named Shelby Huff.

Swift's visit to the New York center on March 22 was captured on video, which the teen will likely hold close for years to come.

The 'Red' hitmaker brought humor to the room right away, greeting Huff before adding, "I'm going to suit up in my really cool outfit right now," as she began donning herself in the bright blue mask and gloves required.

Once she was appropriately garbed, Swift began talking to Huff as if they were close friends, rather than strangers who just met. From stories about her name to cracking jokes and talking about callouses from guitar playing, Swift immediately put everyone in the room at ease, as if she were an everyday visitor.

The kind-hearted songstress was also full of compliments, telling Huff, "You have the most amazing eyelashes; do people tell you that a lot?"

Naturally, Huff admits after the fact that although she seemed calm and composed during Swift's visit, that wasn't really the case. "My blood pressure and heart rate like skyrocketed when she was here," the teen shares. "The nurse said everybody else's blood pressure is going up, too. "

"I saw other parents on the floor and you could tell the whole vibe was definitely uplifted," Huff's mom adds.

Though Swift was only scheduled to stay at the hospital until late afternoon, she extended her visit by several hours, visiting with patients until 8PM.