Taylor Swift leads a star-studded cast in the upcoming cinematic recreation of the Dr. Seuss book ‘The Lorax.’ The movie, which is about an environmentalist trying to protect a forest from a greedy clothing manufacturer, is scheduled to be in theaters on March 12 of next year.

Swift plays “Audrey” alongside star Zac Efron’s “Ted.” According to IMDB, Danny DeVito plays the title role and Ed Helms, and Betty White also appear in the film. Audrey is Ted’s romantic interest in the movie, a relationship that is sure to stir up a round of Swift/Efron relationship rumors (Sweffron?).

‘The Lorax’ is Swift’s second and most substantial movie role after 2010′s ‘Valentines’ Day.’ She also had an important role in a 2009 episode of ‘CSI: Crime Series Investigation.” ‘The Lorax’ is a 45-page children’s book first published in 1971.

Watch Taylor Swift in ‘The Lorax’ Movie Trailer