I need some serious help. Thanks to the fact that I've been holed up in my home for unusually large amounts of time, I have just realized that I'm addicted to cooking shows. Help me.

The struggle is real. It started off innocently enough. My wife and I wanted to find something on Netflix that we could watch that would be safe to have on while our kids were running around. A cooking show seemed like a good, safe idea at the time. That was until I became incredibly hooked on Zumbo's Just Desserts.

This show now has 2 full seasons and it's based in Australia which means everyone talks like Crocodile Dundee. The premise of the show is simple. Contestants are given a task with a theme, then they use their creativity to make a tasty dessert. One is declared the "dessert of the day". The worst two are cast into the Zumbo Challenge where they have to try and recreate a classic Zumbo dish. I can't stop watching.

It hasn't stopped there. After watching everything Zumbo, we started streaming Nailed It, another Netflix show about people who are awful internet chefs trying to make epic cakes.

I thought I had overcome this cooking fetish until we then scrolled down the Netflix list and saw Sugar Rush and it features Zumbo. I am doomed.

The side effect of this cooking streaming hell is that my wife now wants to give me elaborate baking items to find at the grocery store while maintaining a safe social distance. It's like human Minesweeper.

If you know of any other cooking shows, please don't tell me. I'm deep enough into this as it is.

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