I've seen this shared like it's new. It's not, but it's worth watching again. It was that fun time some guys saved a bear with a bucket on its head.

I can't remember which pages I saw this on, but it was making the rounds on Facebook again as recent as yesterday. The first share I can remember was back in June of 2017. I think it may be as long ago as 5 years when it originated. It's a video that showed a bear in great distress. He/she had a bucket stuck on its head. Not sure if there was honey in the bucket, but there's definitely a Winnie the Pooh vibe going here.

It was actually a pretty serious situation. The bear was obviously very confused and was scrambling across roads that have heavy traffic. Fortunately for the bear, a brave guy and his friends stepped up and rescued the bear.

As the video shows, they eventually had to wrestle it to the ground before they could make headway (no pun intended) in getting the bear's head unstuck. Imagine the danger these guys were putting themselves in. One even said as they were trying to cut the bucket off "he's not gonna be very happy". That's right. They're holding down what was likely to be a very ticked off bear.

This dire struggle fortunately had a happy ending. After the guys finally got the bucket cut enough to wrestle it off the bear's head, the poor animal ran away without injuring the men. Whew.

This same scenario happened in Alaska 3 years ago. Curious bears never learn.

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