I had a reminder the other day of something very cool that I had nearly forgotten about. It was that time when a guy caught an 8 foot sturgeon in a kayak.

Here's the moment I'm referring to as shared by Sturgeon Steve.

Here are the stats they shared of this monster fish:

This monster sturgeon measured 8ft long and 42" around with an estimated weight of ~300lbs.

They also noted that they released this fish after weighing him, so he's back in the river.

As I recall, this happened during the first few fishing trips these guys made back in spring of 2018 and that's confirmed by the YouTube date too.

When I was a young brat, I caught an 8 pound bass while on a fishing trip with my dad. That thing nearly broke my pole and was a chore to get into the shore. The fact that this guy landed a monster sturgeon that was about 40 times heavier blows my mind.

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