Let me begin by saying, I know as a 45-year old man, this is going to make me sound super old (especially to millennials), but this has been bothering me all year, so I have to say my peace.

We can all admit, that although nowhere near as bad as 2020, the year 2021 was still kind of crap show. So as we ring in 2022, I implore the entire state of Wyoming, can we please retire the phrase: "leave me on read"?

There are several variations, but in my honest opinion, all are equally annoying. Now I will admit, it's probably because I get easily sidetracked from my phone. Whether it's the job or my kiddos, it doesn't take much for me to forget I haven't answered a text message, but getting upset and asking why I "left you on read", is the quickest way to make sure I stop texting you... as in ever again!

Is that me being petty? Probably. Does this mean I'll change? Heck no.

Having been raised in the era before caller ID (when you actually had to answer the phone prior to knowing who was on the other side), and way before the internet, cell phones being readily available to the masses, social media or the ability to text, getting a response from in a timely fashion is already a blessing (in disguise), so a snarky response just makes me want to talk to you less.

Also, it just sounds like bad grammar. I'm not saying it is, but it definitely sounds like something my middle school English teacher would not allow you to say in class, so it bugs me. Sorry, not sorry (teehee).

While we're at, can we also retire "yeet" and "okay, boomer". We can keep "no cap", "bust-down" and "opp", though. The last two were originated by my generation in the 90s anyway.


Your friendly neighborhood Gen-X-er

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