No one really likes driving in the snow. We all just deal with it. These spring storm hit the state like a heavyweight boxer. It knocks out power lines and halts traffic. For the most part, Casperites know how to drive in the snow. For those who don't or are new to town, here is the list of 10 Commandments for winter driving in Casper. For the local experts in snow travel, you will nod your head in agreement, amen.

  1. Thou shall have to drive 5 or 6 blocks out of your normal path to turn left.
  2. Thow shall take it slow.
  3. Thou shall help others stranded in the snow.
  4. Thou shall tap, tap, tap on the breaks.
  5. Thou shall have an emergency car kit with items like spare wipers, extra washer fluid, antifreeze, winter jacket, and extra socks.
  6. Thou shall avoid side streets.
  7. Thou knowest a vehicle with 4WD can get stuck.
  8. Thou knowest being late on a snow day is perfectly acceptable.
  9. Thou shall not make fun of people with stocking-hat hair.
  10. Thow knowest even if there's 12 feet of snow on the ground, there is still a job to do. So get up and get going. Those cows aren't going to feed themselves.