The Band Perry surprised me with a hit on pop radio with their chart-topping single, 'If I Die Young.' Now, the trio is setting their sights on one of that genre's most successful artists of all time, whose music -- and wardrobe -- have made her an international phenomenon.

Recently Kimberly & the Guys sat down with GAC and you might be surprised about who they would like to collaborate with!  "I'm gaga for [Lady] Gaga," Kimberly Perry tells GAC. "Rumor has it that she wants to come to Nashville and write country songs. That's the next endeavor that she is curious to, I guess, partake in and be a part of. So we'll see. We would love to be her guinea pig when it comes to that."

Kimberly's younger brother, bandmate Reid Perry, agrees. "A [Band Perry]/Lady Gaga collaboration sounds good to us," he adds.

The pairing of the two acts may not be as unlikely as it would seem. The 25-year-old pop star released a country version of her multi-platinum selling hit, 'Born This Way,' earlier this year. Still, the Band Perry acknowledge that getting country music fans to embrace a Gaga collaboration would be a challenge.

"It would either be a complete fail or complete success!" says Kimberly.

The siblings, including bandmate Neil Perry,recently sat down with AOL's and are also eyeing another decidedly un-country act as a future collaboration possibility.   "We would always say Keith Richards," Reid tells The Boot of their dream duet partner. "We actually got to see the Rolling Stones in Durham, N.C., a few years ago and it's the best show we've ever seen in our entire lives."

For now, the Band Perry will have to settle for making music with fellow country stars. They are currently on the road with Tim McGraw on his Emotional Traffic tour, which they will follow by heading to Canada with Keith Urban on his Get Closer trek. They'll also be hitting the road with Reba McEntire later this year where they will be making a stop right her in Casper on October 21st.

Until then...enjoy their latest video "You Lie" below: