No matter what side you lean towards politicly, I think we can all agree that the Bernie Sanders Meme is absolutely hilarious.

America has come together in an unexpected way laughing at all the photo-shopped pictures of Bernie slouching in his metal folding chair with his mittens and mask.

He looks less than impressed, and it has become all the rage to place him in unexpected areas.

Thanks to this site created by Nick Sawhney you can put Bernie anywhere you want.

Just type in the address and click...and POW you have your very own Bernie Meme.

We decided to use it to have Bernie take a tour of our great state of Wyoming.

The Bernie Meme Takes Over Wyoming

The question is...what did we miss?

Is there somewhere in Wyoming you think Bernie should have visited?

Use this link to create your own pic and then use the My Country Mobile App to send it to us.

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