Here at My Country 95.5, we search the hills and valleys of Wyoming to bring you great local articles, pictures, and video. 2016 was a good year where we were able to produce some entertaining videos for you. We looked at the total number of views on all of our YouTube videos. These 10 videos were the cream of the crop. Remember, sharing is caring.

  • 1

    Was Bigfood Sighted in Casper, Wyoming?

    This April Fools Day video made the top of the list with the most amount of views. People, you can't believe everything you see. Or can you??? Spoiler ... it is not bigfoot. It is a tree.

  • 2

    Can You Charge A Phone With A Lemon?

    Our very own Rodeo Rick put this viral "life hack" to the test. Although it didn't take off here in Casper, the rest of YouTube liked it.

  • 3

    North Platte River Swallows Tate Pumphouse

    The weather in Wyoming is always big news. This spring we had unusually high water levels in the Platte River. This is some footage of the flood.

  • 4

    Wednesday Mutton Bustin' CWFR

    There is nothing like a good rodeo. Especially when there is mutton busting. Go kiddos!!

  • 5

    Rodeo Rick Calls IRS Scammers

    Rodeo Rick was fed up with the scammers calling his phone. So he recoded it. Good times.

  • 6

    Strange Bubbles In The North Platte

    Rodeo Rick was out walking the Platte Trails when he spotted some unusual bubbles in the river. Expect a follow up to this video in 2017.

  • 7

    Mannequin Challenge At Thankful Thursday

    This video is impressive. The entire crowd at the Beacon Club stood still for nearly 2 minutes.

  • 8

    Chancey Williams & The Younger Brothers Band -

    It is always great when bands stop by the studio. Chancey Williams and The Younger Brothers Band played some of their tunes in the My Country 95.5 Studios.

  • 9

    Wyoming Sunset from Pathfinder Reservoir

    The lakes and reservoirs are truly a gem for Wyoming. This video is a beautiful shot of a sunset at Pathfinder.

  • 10

    Creepy Clown Hung Upside Down In Casper, WY

    Creepy clowns were the story this Halloween. We spotted this guy in a tree. I guess Wyoming is not a fan of the clown.