List after list after list, people decide the "BEST" in Wyoming and keep getting it wrong. There is a VERY good chance that most of the authors haven't even been to Wyoming or many of the other states they're critiquing.

Today's "BEST" is the best souvenir in Wyoming. There are MANY souvenir's that should be on the list of "best souvenir's" you take home to your family and friends after visiting the Cowboy State.

Some on the list should be:

Anything with the Wyoming state bucking horse and rider logo (shirt, hat, magnet,  post card, kitchen rug, wall art...etc)

UW Pistol Pete Logo

Wyoming State Flag

coffee mugs

print of the beautiful Wyoming mountains or landmarks

cowboy hat

cowboy boots

handcrafted belt and buckle

ALL of these are items that would make great souvenirs and anyone would LOVE to receive them.

We all know that Wyomingites are very proud of everything Wyoming. Foods, clothing, UW, landscapes, horses, cowboys, cowgirls and Huckleberry Jam are all things to LOVE about Wyoming and make Wyoming proud. offered up "THE BEST" Souvenir in each state and said Huckleberry Jam was the BEST item to take home from Wyoming! As stated earlier, the jam is a great part of the culture in Wyoming. With all of the other possible items to take home as a gift, how could anyone feel that taking a jar of jam home would describe the amazing time in you had while visiting?  It's the jam good? Yes! It's understandable you fell in love with the tasty treat. Is it SO good, you found it more appealing than a Wyoming map towel set, Wyoming deck of cards or a Wyoming Grizzly Bear t shirt? NO!

When you're researching you vacation or trip this summer, take what others "review" with a grain a salt and bring back the COOL parts of Wyoming you discovered.

What item would you take as a gift from your amazing trip to Wyoming?

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