Another year, another Pony Express Re-Ride is underway and the riders in Wyoming have taken possession of the mail.

Each year, the ride changes up the direction it travels, and this year the mail started in Sacramento, CA and will end up in St. Joseph, MO.

The ride kicked off Wednesday June 7th and is expected to end this Saturday in Missouri. Wyoming, being right in the middle, will have riders carrying the mail for the next couple of days.

The ride has already crossed through California, Nevada and Utah.

The Wyoming riders received the handoff at 6:47am on Monday June 12th and will will pass if off to the Nebraska riders in Lyman, NE on Wednesday afternoon. The ride has been rough for some, with the weather being a factor in how fast a rider can go. With Wyoming having, almost daily thunderstorms, the hand off to Nebraska could be delayed.

You can follow along with where the riders are currently, where/when the next handoff will be and who the riders are, on an interactive map that can be found here.

Each year, over 750 riders carry letters 1,966 miles along the same route that was used for the 18 months the Pony Express was in existence. The service was replaced by the telegraph system in November of 1861.

To be able to ride in the annual ride:

With Casper being a hot spot for the historic trails, you know it's a stop and important part of the ride.

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