Last month we received word that a young male Black Bear was spotted playing in the creek that flows through Glenrock's Town Park.

UPDATE: Our favorite Glenrock bear has now made an appearance at the library.

After he was done playing, he went back up to his home somewhere past South Rec.

But, it looks like he's back at it again.

Glenrock resident Chelsey Eldridge shared a video of him going through her trash cans on the Glenrock Public Bulletin Board Facebook group.

You can clearly see in this security camera footage, that the bear is looking for a 3 am snack in Eldridge's trash.

On the Facebook page, other Glenrock residents reported that he had been through their trash as well.

Glenrock Police want us to remind you that if you see the bear in town, do not approach it, and call either Game and Fish or their non-emergency number to report the sighting.

While a bear going through trash is a cause for some concern, I think that this little guy needs a name if he's going to keep showing up in town.

If you have any name ideas for this guy please let us know your suggestions through the My Country Mobile App.

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