I'm always on the lookout for interesting roadside attractions, and this monster truck is a doozy. Just outside of Saratoga are the Whistle Pig Saloon and Beaver Liquor Store and home to this monster truck.

It might just be one of the most beautiful parking spots in the town. The vast open prairie and the Snowy Range is the backdrop. An old GMC truck cab and bed rest upon 4 large round hay bales. I have to say it is the only one like that I've ever seen. It made me want to check out the bar to see what was inside.

The saloon is the definition of a roadhouse bar. There isn't much around other than miles of empty highway. Yet it sits like a beacon on the side of the road luring the thirsty and bored for a little libation or maybe karaoke or pool.

The bar looked like a fun dive bar. We were there on a Sunday afternoon, so I cannot comment on the quality of the patrons. Yelp and other websites give the typical mixed bag of praise and lackluster reviews. I imagine, as is the problem of most small-town restaurants and bars, that consistency in service is the biggest struggle. There was also a for sale sign in front.

The bar had a few billiard tables, and there was even an "L" shaped table, which was the first I'd ever seen a table like that. The ceiling tiles were decorated by fellow bar patrons with various names or graffiti. One panel said, "Things are looking up." It was a quirky place for sure just as quirky as the monster truck out front.

Whistle Pig Saloon Has Monster Truck Made of Hay

Just outside of the town of Saratoga, is one roadside attraction that will have you saying, Hey man, nice truck. It might have one of the most picturesque parking spots in front of the Whistle Pig Saloon.

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