In today's current CLOVID-19 induced chaos, social media feels like it has taken a decidedly negative turn.

Some experts are even recommending that people suffering from increased anxiety or depression reduce their social media intake.

Thankfully a social media hero has arrived via Twitter, and his name is Tim.

Tim is the head of security for the National Cowboy Museum located in Oklahoma City, OK. Like many of us, his workplace environment has drastically changed. With the closing of all museums until an unknown date, he was charged by "Seth in marketing" to use his time in the empty museum to share his world with Twitter.

The result is endearing tweets that are the perfect mix of dry humor, historical facts, dad jokes, and that tech-challenged coworker we all love despite the extra work they make for us.

Whoops Tim, I don't think that's exactly what he meant.


Well, that's a bit better...

There's that dry humor we love lol. And like most of our non-tech savvy friends, Tim thinks he totally has this tweeting thing down...

And really, doesn't he?

After all, his tweets have gained the National Cowboy Museum thousands of followers, and I know I'm not the only one that stops by every day to see what Tim is up to. These wholesome and lighthearted tweets are the best thing to come from CLOVID-19.

"But we get through these times together, don't we?"

Thanks Tim.

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