The subject of a Dunder Mifflin commercial has been featured on 'The Office' several times, notably never giving Michael Scott's brilliant ad a chance to shine, but now it seems the paper company has truly invaded the real world. As football fans everywhere prep for the 2013 Super Bowl on Sunday, 'The Office' and have made real-life Dunder Mifflin paper products available everywhere, heralded by their new Super Bowl ad! You won't see any of 'The Office' stars, but adorable screaming cats are always a plus!

'The Office' will close its doors in a one-hour series finale this May, but that doesn't mean you can't own a piece of Dunder Mifflin forever. In advance of the big game this Sunday, NBC has partnered with to develop actual Dunder Mifflin paper products, available for purchase online!

And what better way to advertise said products than with a spot featured during the Super Bowl? Well, to be fair, the ad will only actually air in Scranton Pennsylvania, but we've included it below for your convenience. The 30-second spot was created by Tallahassee, Florida resident Freddy Rabbath, who was awarded $15,000 for creating the concept.

Take a look at Dunder Mifflin IRL via the ad below, and tell us what Super Bowl commercials you're most looking forward to in the comments!

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