The Onion is at it again.  Taylor Swift seems to be a favorite target of the satirical newspaper.  The Onion, Feb. 13th 2013, reported that Taylor Swift was mourning the death of her boyfriend Christopher Dorner.  Is this inappropriate?

America's #1 satirical newspaper has it's sights set on Taylor Swift.  Just last month The Onion posted that Taylor Swift was dating Aurora, CO shooting suspect James Holmes.  Taylor Swift's relationship issues have been a big discussion on all media platforms for months.  The folks at the The Onion have been pushing the envelope by "pairing" her up with persons of controversy.  Now she is said to be mourning the death of boyfriend Christopher Dorner, accused of killing three people—including one cop—last week.  The Onion's stories are for entertainment and are not to be taken literally.  But, is this funny or tasteless? That is a fine line to walk, and the writers at The Onion are not afraid.  What do you think?  Is this funny or inappropriate?


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