Wyomingites in larger cities and small towns tend to go all-out for holidays, including Halloween fun.

If you're looking for the ultimate places to trick-or-treat however... the good stuff, we're talking full sized candy bars, haunted houses, great decorations. Here's our favorite neighborhoods across the state to trick-or-treat!


  • 1

    Cheyenne - The Pointe

    This north Cheyenne neighborhood is known as "where the well to-do reside." Well to do usually equals quality candy!

  • 2

    Casper - From CY Ave to Coats Rd

    This neighborhood qualified as the most expensive in Casper last year. Like number one, this usually means more expensive candy purchases.

  • 3

    Laramie - Reynolds/N 9th Street

    Consistently voted the best area around Laramie to go door-to-door. A friendly neighborhood that usually has great decorations.

    Getty Images, Peter Macdiarmid
  • 4

    Sheridan - Powder Horn Golf Community

    Country club neighborhoods are always a good idea. While there may be a few party poopers, these spots are usually good for full-sized candy bars.

    Rick Darcy, Townsquare Media
  • 5


    Just about anywhere around Wyoming's most expensive town should be good trick-or-treating. Plus, you might knock on a celebrities door.

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