We've all heard their names - Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Scotty McCreery and a few you might not know Danielle Bradbery, The Swon Brothers, Raelynn.  All names of singers who got their start on reality singing shows American Idol and The Voice.

When American Idol first started, I loved the idea that someone could be discovered and that we would get a say in who wins the competition.  But with more and more singing shows coming to television (and several fading away quickly) there are now two distinct front running reality singing shows that I still watch - American Idol and The Voice.

I will admit that the first 2 seasons of The Voice, I was more of a sceptic than a fan and watched to compare talent between the two shows.  But now, it seems to me that both shows are loaded with talent and what sets the two shows apart (besides format) is as simple as 'Coaching' vs 'Judging'.

The singers on Amercian Idol get a little feedback on their performances by the judges and get coaching from one or two mentors, but very little coaching actually comes from the AI judges.  As where on the show The Voice, the coaches are vested in their teams and the singers that they acquire via blind auditions and steals of singers cut from other teams.

On The Voice, the coaches take time to get to know their singers strengths and weaknesses and help to shape them into the artist they wish to become.  And the feedback that the singers receive after performances seems way more detailed toward pushing singers forward than picking at flaws or judging them.

Both shows have produced some amazing talent and lots of the young aspiring artist now see these shows as a fast track to stardom!  But if I had to choose which show to be a part of (if I had the singing talent), my choice would be - The Voice.

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