Casper has been in need of more fun events and hangout places for teens and young adults, but now there is a place to fill that void.

More than just a night club, The Void aims to bring events and activities to the underserved communities of Casper. You may have heard of The Void, Casper's non-alcoholic event venue. This low for profit business is making waves in the community in all the right ways. Tackling each underserved community in a unique way. They first started with a vision of providing a space for the youth of Casper to hangout and provide a safe taste at nightlife. They have since morphed and altered their events, and their vision, to start fitting the needs of more and more communities.

Seth Hollier, one of The Void's three business partners stated:

We started with the teens, no one wanted to give them a chance.

Breckyn Simmons, another owner stated:

What we saw was more and more communities that just didn’t have a home.

They then moved on to the non-alcoholic population in Casper.

The third partner, Turner Logan, said it best:

Our space was already setup to handle club nights. We thought, why not try and show the people of Casper that there is more to nightlife than just drinking the night away. Like, you can have a great time, meet new people and listen to great music in an amazing atmosphere, and have just as much fun! So, for people in recovery who still want to socialize, anyone who may just want to cut back on drinking, or those who are nondrinkers, we have a space for you right here in Casper.

The Void now has a night for the local LGBTQ+ community every other Thursday night and have their sights set on the deaf community next, with a night dedicated to this community with an increased presence of bass and traditional lighting as well as their club lights to better allow for signing. They are also wanting to start free ASL (American Sign Language) classes for the community on Sundays, provided they can find a teacher.

While most of the chatter around town is resounding positive, concerns have risen from some parents.

One concerned parent, who wished to remain anonymous, questioned:

Why would I let my kid go there? I don’t want my child around 20 something year olds?

This was a great question and one the owners wanted to answer as well. Seth stated:

First, I want to say that our main goal is to provide a safe, enjoyable atmosphere to all patrons, regardless of age or walks of life. We separate teen and adult nights to insure a safe experience for all patrons. Saturdays are always 18 years of age or older and for our teen nights we only allow patrons with valid school IDs or a government issued ID that shows that they are under 18 years of age. We also have certain menu items that are not available on our teen nights to not encourage drinking. While there is no alcohol in our building, some of our non-alcoholic beer and liquor alternatives are unavailable to individuals under the age of 18.

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As for events, that's an area The Void is not lacking in. Some of their weekly events include:

  • Middle School Mondays, which happens ever Monday from 12pm-7pm for kids 6th-8th grade, where there is age appropriate video games, a free jukebox with censored music, and a reduced price menu.
  • All ages karaoke every Tuesday from 7-10pm.
  • Burger nights on Wednesdays where you can get a $2 burger.
  • Pride nights, for 18+, every other Thursday starting at 8pm for the LGBTQ+ community.
  • Friday nights are filled with either video game tournaments or a teen nightclub experience.
  • Themed nightclub nights every Saturday for 18+ starting at 10pm. They stay open passed 2 am and serve food until close.
  • Sundays, they open their doors to members of the community that want to teach and offer free classes. Some classes that you may see include West Coast Swing Dancing, Salsa classes, Digital Photography classes, and even a cooking class is in the works.

With the exception of Mondays, which are only open to 6th to 8th graders, The Void’s lounge is open to all ages from 12-7pm, Tuesday through Friday.

For more information, visit the official The Void website here, and like and follow them on Facebook here.

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