Cue the X-files music because there is something strange happening in Wyoming. In Casper, there is a conspiracy. The facts are in plain sight, and all it takes is connecting the dots. In this case, literal dots.

Taco Points Casper

There is a taco over Casper. Draw a line connecting each one of the Taco Johns locations, and the picture it paints is that of a taco. Unbelievable. Like some kind of secret subliminal message to eat more tacos. It is the Wyoming Taco Conspiracy.

This can't be just coincidence. Taco John's did start out of Cheyenne. Was this intentional? Did the corporate overseers pinpoint these locations to summon an almighty taco-taco deity? Or did all the love from Wyomingites somehow manifest the shape of a taco over their town? We may never be able to solve this mystery, but at least now we know the truth. And it is a taco.

Taco Over Casper