Scott Wilson is a self-taught Scottish photographer who now resides in Colorado.

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He first began as a landscape photographer, but a cancer diagnosis forced him to stay out of sunlight.

Rather than being defeated by this, Wilson instead used it as an opportunity to sit in the shade of his car and photograph wildlife.

The resulting images were published in a book called "Through the Window" and the sales have raised more than $40,000 to support Colorectal Cancer research and awareness.

I love the vivid color and texture of Wilson's photography, and I'm especially captivated by his pictures taken at night.

I follow him on Instagram, and when I came across images of the famous Sand Wash Basin Wild Horse Herd, I knew I had to share them with you.

Thankfully Wilson was more than happy to give us permission and wanted us to encourage you to stop by and see his work at Gallery 6 in Denver, Colorado if you happen to be in the area.

Stunning Pictures of the Wild Horses of Sand Wash Basin

The Sand Wash Basin HMA (Herd Management Area) is located in the northwest corner of Colorado, about 50 miles west of Craig, Colorado, and is home to over 800 wild horses. Scott Wilson is a Colorado photographer who was recently able to capture some amazing pictures of the herd.

In an email with Wilson, he mentioned that there is currently a lot of controversy around this particular herd of Wild Horses.

The last nearest tally of the Sand Wash Basin Herd is over 800 and the land can only support around 300.

This means the local Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is looking for ways to keep massive numbers of the herd from slowly starving to death, and a current drought situation is making the need for a solution even more important.

Rather than listen to rumors and he said she said comments about what Wyoming's BLM does with our local Wild Horses, we called up David Mosely a Public Affairs Specialist for the BLM who was happy to answer our questions.

You can listen to the interview around 7:50 am MST and we hope to make it available to you here as well as soon as we can.

Mosely recommended that any listeners with questions or concerns visit the BLM website.

Historic Eaton's Horse Drive Through Downtown Sheridan, Wyoming

The annual Eaton’s Horse Drive (each May) sees cowboys from nearby Eaton’s Ranch run their herd of around 100 head of horses through the heart of downtown Sheridan, Wyoming.


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