I know I'm stating the obvious when I say that baby animal videos are one of the best things that have come from the invention of the internet.

I can't tell you why they are SO popular...though I'm sure by this point some math/tech nerd genius HAS figured out why.

But I know I am 100% a sucker for them.

Show me ALL THE cute baby animals.

When I came across a video of this adorable little Filly living her best life I knew it was exactly the kind of positive energy we could all use right now.

Her mom is just hanging out, and this little Miss is literally running circles around her.

I love her fancy jumps at the end and how she just stops.

I can almost see her saying "Okay. I got it out of my system now, what's next."

You can see all the other horses on the other side of the fence just watching her.

And you know her mom is thinking "Is it nap time yet?"

In case you're wondering where this sweet little filly lives, she's from Vanderhoof, British Columbia.

Big thank you to Trina Morris of YourInnerCowgirl.com for allowing us to share the video.

It definitely will make the world a better place, I'm sure of it.


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