You may have heard of "The War On Oil." That phrase comes from so-called "environmentalists" trying to get us to stop using oil for so much of what we do.

Have you ever heard of "The War With Oil?"

Honestly, it happened. Casper, Wyoming went to war against oil itself.

It is more commonly known as "The Tank Farm Battle!"

attachment-Tank Farm Battle Photo By Glenn Woods 66

The cannon that you see in these pictures actually took place in the battle. It is not on display in a park near where the battle actually took place.

So, how does one actually go to war against oil itself?

Tank farms can still be seen today around Casper. Those are the big round metal buildings that hold massive amounts of oil.

Casper Wyoming, June 17, 1921, a lightning strike set ablaze a massive take of oil belonging to the Midwest Refining Co.

But the lighting was not done. It struck again on July 2, 13, and 18, according to A History of Natrona County, Wyoming."

Dozens of men fought the fires. One brave soul ascends a ladder leading up into the inferno.

They just could not put it out.


attachment-Tank Farm Battle Photo By Glenn Woods 11

Then somebody came up with an idea.

What if we use these old cannons and blow holes into the bottom of the tanks. The oil will spill out the bottom and run away from the fire that is burning at the top of the tank. Then we can put that smaller fire out.

The oil could then be scooped up and put into other tanks.

An idea so crazy it just might work.

attachment-Tank Farm Battle Photo By Glenn Woods 44

So they loaded their cannons and fired at the base of those massive tanks.

The first shot ripped a hole in the bottom of one of the tanks. Oil under pressure spewed and soaked the men.

All 9 shots were first. One was at too much of an angle and it ricocheted off. Two other shots went through and down into the ground. The rest hit their marks and made the needed holes.

attachment-Tank Farm Battle Photo By Glenn Woods 33

Well, it worked.

Today you can see a cannon that was used in the battle against the oil tanks at White Water Park, West Frist Street, Casper Wyoming.

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