Two dogs, two inside cats (three barn cats) and five kids mean that our Christmas tree is almost always in danger of toppling.

Over the years our cats and toddler-aged children have done a fair bit of damage to our ornaments.

But now Wyoming pet owners can rejoice because a British company has found the solution to all your Christmas Tree woes.

photo via
photo via
loading... describes this tree as a "Parasol Tree" and I'd say that is a perfect description.

Sure this tree looks strange crazy unique, but besides reducing the risk of pets and toddlers breaking your tree, it leaves a ton of room for gifts.

Sadly they only deliver to England and Ireland, but thanks to some helpful comments on this article in Country Living there is another option. You can achieve the same pet and toddler safe tree by purchasing an artificial tree and not putting in the bottom branches.

It may look a little different, but if it saves your ornaments it's definitely worth it.

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