I have had more than one of my friends share this video with me today and there's a good reason. It's a genius guy who built an American Ninja Warrior Course for Squirrels in his backyard.

I don't know who Mark Roper is, but I know that I want to be just like him when/if I grow up. He had squirrels invading his bird feeder so he decided to make them work for it. This is the result.

So many highlights to this one. It's amazing that he included a platform and rope course to this ultimate squirrel challenge. It's also impressive that his squirrel launcher makes sure that the airborne varmints land on their tiny little feet.

By far, the best part is the cascading reward of nuts and celebratory banners if the squirrel manages to successfully reach the end.

According to the video count on Facebook, Mark's contraption course has been viewed over 76 million times and counting. With this kind of squirrel obstacle course genius design, it's no surprise everyone seems to be sharing it.

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