A Kansas guy is trying a new approach to finding love. He'll pay you cold hard cash to find him a girlfriend. Really.

I must thank In Kansas City for this one. They did a story about Jeff Gebhart. He is seriously offering to pay someone $25,000 if they direct him to a woman who ends up being Mrs. Gebhart. Here's Jeff describing...um...Jeff.

Jeff Gebhart from Jeff Gebhart on Vimeo.

Jeff has an elaborate website created to help you understand why he is Mr. Right. If you're an animal lover (so to speak), Jeff will sweeten the deal:

I'll also make a $25,000 donation to a no-kill dog shelter/charity.

As it turns out, Jeff is a softy for pets. Hard to complain about helping this dude find his lady and saving animals. What a guy.

If you watch Jeff's video, he has logical reasons for why he's offering cash for someone finding him a girlfriend. He figures that if he were dating, he'd be laying out all kinds of money to business establishments while trying to find a woman he can love. Instead, he's cutting out the middle man.

Jeff has 3 options on his website if you think you know (or are) the one. You can choose the "I know a girl" option or the "I may be that girl" or "I like app-based dating". How can you lose with a 47-year-old Kansas guy who's got money to spare?

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