I have found something that is a dang crying shame. According to a map that is allegedly based on facts, one of Wyoming's favorite words is "dang". Dang it anyway.

Check out this map that was dropped on Reddit. It shows what parts of the country say dang the most. Notice that there's a big red part near our part of Wyoming.

Usage of 'Dang' in the United States from r/MapPorn

How did they come up with a way to measure our love of "dang"? The Reddit page doesn't say, but let me just take a stab in the dark and guess they're measuring its use on Instagram, Facebook and other social media troll places.

I'm not denying it's true. Since the Lord cleaned up my mouth many years ago, "dang" has been a go-to part of my vocabulary when I'm excited and/or ticked off.

If you look at other parts of America, I'm fascinated that "dang" dominates only the south and our part of Wyoming for the most part. I know we have a lot of folks from Texas and other parts of the south who come to Wyoming for the energy industry opportunities. Maybe they packed "dang" with them when they moved? I dunno, but I have no problem that "dang" is a part of our Wyoming vocabulary.

If you have a problem with "dang", that's too dang bad in my book.

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