Sometimes as we peruse the internet daily to try and find interesting things to talk about, we get sucked into watching a whole lotta YouTube videos.

Thankfully, this time I found something that I KNOW you'll love.

The Wonton Don YouTube Channel is a travel vlog that follows Donnie around the globe while he investigates anything that might make you say "Whoa, That's Weird".

Don headed to Frontier Days the last year it was held (2019) and created 5 videos about his experiences both at "the daddy of them all" and in the town of Cheyenne.

He was suitably impressed with the caliber of athletes that compete in the PBR events at Frontier Days and I think his video about the bull riders is my favorite in the series.

He and his buddy do get excited and swear a bit, so keep that in mind when you watch these videos.

I was actually there for this event, and it was a phenomenal night.

Watching this video made me SO excited to get back out in the stands and cheer on our cowboys and cowgirls.

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Don also took some time to try unique Wyoming cuisine like Rocky Mountain Oysters, YES he did know what they really are. #bulltesticles

Am I the only one thinking that maybe Sanford's wasn't the best choice for this particular treat?

Don and his buddy did take time to enjoy more than just the PBR at Frontier Days and I think that overall it's safe to say they thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Maybe they'll make it back again THIS year.

I know I'm already making plans to attend both the CNFR here in Casper AND Frontier Days, after all, I have to make up for all the time we lost last year.

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