When I was hanging out on Twitter the other day I came across this post from The US Department of the Interior.

ShareTheExperiace.org is the official site of the Federal Recreation Lands Photo Contest.

At first, I was simply focused on ohhing and ahhing at all of the amazing pictures of Wyoming.

Then it caught my eye that these pictures were taken by amateur photographers...that's right. These breathtaking pictures were NOT taken by professionals.

Even more exciting, the people that submit photos have a chance to win big bucks (up to $10,000) if their pictures are chosen as first, second, or third place winners.

There are also prize packages for honorable mentions too.

Why is this so exciting?

You have a chance to help pick the winners...or even be a winner yourself.

Vote for your favorite picture and help the photographer work their way up towards the grand prize.

Or, if you think one of your pictures could be a winner it's not too late to submit your photo.

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