We all have habits that we don't like to admit to, but Thomas Rhett isn't afraid to own up to his unhealthy vice.

Rhett can't stop chewing tobacco, but he plans to quit... eventually. The singer has a number of reasons to quit chewing. In addition to the health hazards, his wife Lauren isn't a huge fan of her hubby's bad habit. The couple has been married for eight months, and Lauren hasn't quite accepted that Rhett still chews.

“It’s a horrible habit,” Thomas admits (quote via GAC). “My dad has chewed tobacco for a long time and so it kinda runs in the family. I’ve really tried to cut back. Lauren does not like it, but when I do it, she is like, ‘You know that it’s not good for ya.’ And I say, ‘I know.’”

The country singer does have it in the back of his mind that he'll quit someday.

“One of these days I will stop,” he promises. “I guess that’s what every dipper says, but I really do plan on stopping.”

Although Rhett needs to kick his chewing habit to the curb, he does have a few good habits going for him. For starters, he has a knack for writing country hits, including recent chart toppers like Jason Aldean's '1994,' Florida Georgia Line's 'Round Here' and 'Parking Lot Party' by Lee Brice.

On top of his licensing career, Rhett has his own musical following. His latest solo single, 'It Goes Like This,' has already climbed to No. 30 on the charts. Now, if he can just put down that can of dip, he'll be in great shape.