Thompson Square's Keifer and Shawna Thompson celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary last month, and they admit they've gone on stage angry. In fact the 'Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not' duo say it happens regularly, but it's rare they finish a show still mad at each other.

“The cool thing is the music, it’s like therapy," Shawna Thompson says as Keifer nods in agreement. "We can fight right before we go on stage and by the end of the show we’re laughing about it." One song in particular helps. Their very first single 'Let's Fight' is usually third on the set list, and when they sing it they often realize how stupid they're both being.

One senses the Thompsons are a fiery couple. They're playful and flirtation naturally, something both insist is genuine, even after a decade-and-a-half of seeing each other every morning. Keifer teases his wife -- about her cooking, for instance -- and she usually responds with a demure giggle and "Stop it," before brushing him with a glimmer in her eye. “We have the conversation all the time, we don’t feel married,” Shawna says.

Watch the 'Everything I Shouldn't Be Thinking About Video,' or just spend time with them and you'll get a sense they're just a wink and nod away from disappearing.

“That love song aspect of what we do is something we have to stay true to because we can do something no one else can," Kiefer says, "and it’s really fun for us to be able sing an intimate love song to one another and be able to sing it in front of an audience and have them look up there and go ‘I believe what they’re saying to each other.’”

While there aren't many married couples chasing the top of the charts, the two are hardly the only famous married couple in country music. Keifer says the tabloid coverage a couple like Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert get would be good for the family business, but his wife isn't so sure.

“It would totally drive me insane,” Shawna says. “I have a hard time. Like even social media when somebody says something not nice, it breaks my heart. Cause I’m very tender-hearted.”

Often Shawna will troll Twitter and read 200 glowing reviews, but focus on the one that hurts.

“I come from the south and was raised not to say mean things to people,” Shawna says.

“Except for me.”

“Yeah, except for Keifer.”

The worst thing they've ever seen said about them: "I wish they would die!"

See more from the duo's stop with Taste of Country in the video above. Their new single is 'I Can't Outrun You' from the 'Still Feels Good' album.