Tim McGraw is a talented triple threat. He's a singer, songwriter and sometimes even an actor -- but would he ever combine acting with singing in a movie?

McGraw has been seen in 'The Blind Side,' 'Friday Night Lights' and 'Flicka,' among other acting roles, but there's a reason we haven't seen him utilize his singing chops in front of the camera.

"I wouldn’t say no to anything offhand, but when it comes to movies, I sort of like the darker side," the star admits. "So I like heavy movies. So I don’t know that you could find one that fits that criteria.”

Despite being picky about what type of film he would star in, time constraints also make it difficult for the 'Southern Girl' singer to say yes to new gigs. “There was a Broadway, a new Broadway musical that I had to turn down cause I couldn’t do [it]," McGraw shares.

He says he would consider making extra time for that perfect role, though.

"But I think if it was the right thing, you know there’s been a couple things kicked around, remakes and stuff that have been kicked around, I’ve been talked to about," he says. "But it’s gotta be perfect. I think that if it’s a perfect role in a perfect situation I would do it."