Tim McGraw may enjoy being a “Real Good Man,” but on screen he prefers to be a "real bad boy." The singer/actor talked about his new film project, The Shack, and one other acting project he’s working on before headlining Day 3 of Country Jam on Saturday night (June 20).

The Shack is a movie version of the best-selling book about a man’s struggle with faith after his daughter is kidnapped and presumably killed. As for which character he’s playing, no one is saying. McGraw would only reveal that he’s not a villain, but that his new beard is part of his character, which is why he's scruffy. After leaving Grand Junction, Colo. the superstar was set to return to Vancouver to continue filming the Sam Worthington project.

Previously he said he’s working on a new album as he films The Shack. He’s also working on a TNT series. “We’re working on a series called Robbers where I’m gonna play a really bad guy,” McGraw shares.

The “Diamond Rings and Old Bar Stools” singer says he gets to do some real bad things as Ray Rob, the more coldhearted of the two villains. It’s a role he embraces.

“It’s fun to play a bad guy because you get to step outside yourself a little bit,” McGraw adds, nodding when asked if he gets to throw a punch.

“I get to do a lot of stuff,” he admits with a big grin.

McGraw keeps himself in peak physical condition, often working out for hours before a show in a trailer that converts into a full cross-fit gym. In Grand Junction he invited National Army Guard Sergeant Will Harris to work out with him. It was a once-in-a-lifetime moment for Harris, and McGraw was impressed with the younger man’s physique. As for whose workout really impresses him? He says there aren’t many ... if any.

"It’d be hard to beat ours," he reveals. "Those NFL guy in summer training when they’re out there in the heat, they’re pretty intense." It’s worth noting that temperatures neared 100 degrees as McGraw worked through his lengthy routine.

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