If you’ve ever watched ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show,’ you’ll know that the comedienne loves to hide backstage and jump out to startle her guests. You know, kind of how your little brother used to do when you were a kid. A few days ago, before performing on the ‘Ellen’ stage with Kenny Chesney, longstanding country king Tim McGraw tried to give Ellen DeGeneres a taste of her own medicine.

The ‘Better Than I Used to Be’ singer hid in a room and jumped out in front of the host as she meandered down the hallway. Unfortunately, his scare tactics weren’t as successful as he had imagined. McGraw jumped out of the room, making a high pitched scream, and Ellen barely flinched. Always a good-natured guy, McGraw hugged her neck and said, “Da–! She knew it was coming!”

The popular talk show host tried to assure McGraw that he really did startle her, but we’re not buying it. DeGeneres is such a nice gal that she probably didn’t want to bruise his ego. Check out the video below and decide what you think! Either way, it’s hilarious.

Watch Tim McGraw Try to Scare Ellen DeGeneres

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