With the popularity of Denver Quarterback Tim Tebow, Casper Youth For Christ would like to invite him to town for a fundraiser for the organization.But with an offer of $50,000 and not even a blink of an eye from his management company,the group is taking another tact to get the attention of the Mile High Messiah.

CYFC Director Don Fast has set a goal to receive 10,000 letters by March 31st, 2012 from anyone touched by the actions of Tim Tebow with an invite to Tim to join us in Casper. Don joined us this morning to talk about it.

Don asks that all letters be sent to Casper Youth For Christ
353 West A St
Casper, Wy 82601
they can also be emailed to: cyfc_tebowtowyo@bresnan.net or faxed to 307-234-6453.
If you need additional information or with questions call the CYFC at 307-235-6650.