Today is the tax deadline, and guess what? The IRS hasn't forgotten about you and they want their money.

Sorry to scare you like that, but then again, you shouldn't have waited until the last minute to file your taxes.

So procrastinators, did you wait until today to get your taxes done?  If you thought you'd have until midnight this evening to mail your taxes, you're in for some bad news.

The Casper, Evansville and Mills post offices will all close at normal hours today and will not be staying open until midnight for last second filers.

If you are needing to mail your forms you'll need to get to one of the following post offices before their post mark deadlines.

Casper Main Post Office - 411 N Forest Drive - Office Closes at 5pm, deadline to drop off and receive today's post mark is 6pm.

Downtown Casper Post Office - 150 East B Street / Lobby - Lobby Closes at 6pm and deadline to drop off is 6pm.

Evansville Post Office - 236 Texas Street - Office closes at 5pm / deadline to drop off is 5pm

Mills Post Office - 526 SW Wyoming Blvd. - Office closes at 5pm / deadline is 5:15pm

Of course if you're planning on filing electronically you still have until 11:59pm to get your taxes filed.

Sometimes there’s no way around it because life just gets in the way. If you cannot file your taxes by the deadline, you don’t have to run away to a remote island and spend the rest of your days hiding in fear. If you file an application for extension, you can give yourself another six months to get those tax forms in.