Wyoming is quite the food hot spot. You may be a life long resident, implant or just a visitor but you can associate your experience in the Cowboy State with a particular restaurant.

Food is such an interesting thing for a few different reasons.  You need food to live (you can only survive a few weeks without it), most days are planned around food (What's for breakfast? Where are we going for lunch? Want to meet for dinner? All questions asked daily), everyone has their favorite foods & are VERY passionate about themmany of your best memories involve food and where you ate it.  

Sure you have your favorite national restaurant chains, but what about that down home, Wyoming based, every time you visit you HAVE to eat there, restaurant? Oh yea, you have them...as a matter of fact, we took to social media to find out which restaurants stand out to you. When I began the quest to find the restaurant you associate most with Wyoming, I thought it would EASY to determine the best choices. After reading through the hundreds of suggestions, not only have I found the top suggestions...but also a LONG list of places I need to try!!

There was one restaurant that is Wyoming based, but has now jumped on the national level, that stood out as the clear number one restaurant that many associated with Wyoming. Looking through suggestions, there are some that are in the tourist hot spots and many that are the "hometown favorite eatery".

I tallied the suggestions and came up with the top 25 restaurants we associate with  Wyoming. Other than the clear cut #1, they are in random order, because like everyone I have my favorites too.

Top 25 Restaurants Associated with the Cowboy State

Many memories of Wyoming are associated with food. Here are the restaurants that people associate with Wyoming.

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