Some people will just never learn. There's a new video that shows tourists who decided it would be a good idea to feed a bear. This is wrong on so many levels.

First, watch the video for yourself. It will take only micro-seconds before you'll see what's wrong.

Where to start? OK, please pay attention tourons. It's a very bad thing to feed a bear. You may in your little touron heart believe that you're doing a good deed by feeding an animal. The girl in the video says in the description that her boyfriend had been throwing food out to the bear. That's also a bad idea. When bears become comfortable with humans feeding them, they often have to be euthanized like one black bear was in Oregon not that long ago. This unfortunately happened in Grand Teton National Park a couple years ago as documented by the National Park Service.

The other aspect of this is you notice just how fast a bear can turn from being cute to ferocious after this genius stuck their hand out of the door with food. They are lucky to still have a hand as this bear turned on them lightning fast.

Most people have enough common sense to respect wildlife and give them their proper distance. It's the minority like this one that show what to never do. This could have gone a lot worse for them. Let's hope this bear goes back into the wild and doesn't end up being another sad news story.

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