It's been a long six months, but Trace Adkins is back in the spotlight, performing his hits for his loyal fans. He recently debuted new songs during his first show back, which took place in Sayreville, N.J. on Thursday (June 5).

He kicked off the first performance of his summer tour with a vengeance, telling the crowd, “It’s good to be back on the road. That's what we do. That's my life. I'd die if I'm not on the road" (quote via press release).

In addition to performing top hits like 'You're Gonna Miss This,' 'Honky Tonk Badonkadonk, 'Every Light In the House,' and many others, the singer introduced a few new songs.

The first was 'It All Adds Up to Us,' which is an opposites-attract ode. Adkins tells the crowd, “I’m having a good time! I'm not gonna tell you all my secrets tonight but I’ve been writing and have a new album coming out soon.” Laughing, he adds, “I'm gonna space out the new songs, so you don't get p#ss@d at me!”

He kept up his humor when introducing the sly (and naughty) 'Maintenance Man,' saying, “I try to be decent…but don't feel like being decent tonight."

Adkins closed out the show with a third new song, 'Take It From Me.' Before leaving the stage on his first triumphant entry back, he beat his chest like King Kong, obviously ecstatic to be back where he belongs.

After the death of his father, rehab, and a divorce from his wife of almost 17 years, Adkins seems to be climbing up out of the despondent place he was in, and rising up in country music once again.