So last week, I headed down to Denver to check out Lady Antebellum at the Pepsi Center! Most of you already know that I am huge fact, as soon as I heard they were going to be in Denver, I signed up to be a fan club member, because outside of winning passes on the radio station, it is probably your best bet to get backstage to meet your idols! I kept waiting to hear whether or not I was going to get to meet them and finally on Monday I got the e-mail letting me know I was selected for the Meet & Greet! I was so ecstatic! My husband couldn't wait for it to be over so I would quit talking about it (he's the same guy that when we met The Band Perry, they asked him if he wanted their autograph, he said "No, I'm good" lol!). So needless to say, these things don't excite him like they do me...especially when it's someone like Lady Antebellum...or George Strait(that is a whole different story I'll have to share with you later...but I have met him as well...once by accident the other time through meet & greet at CFD).

Anyway, when I arrived at the Pepsi Center, we were a bit early for meet & greet instructions, so we had to wait a bit for that information to become available. Once we got it, I needed to be ready to go by 6pm SHARP! So, we went and got in line...there were several people already in line, but most of them were just waiting for the doors to open for the show. I kept looking ofr others that might also be waiting for the meet & greet, and finally came upon a man and his daughter, but they had different infomration than I did they were told 5:45 SHARP! No one would let anyone in the building to check on anything so we were all getting pretty nervous about missing our opportunity to meet them (especially the 2 that were told 5:45). Finally about 6:05, they opened the doors to the public and we were able to get inside and ask for some further instruction. Turns out, the man & his daughter were to meet in a different section because they were with the Pepsi group. I was sent to another area where there ended up being about 150 people in a group awaiting further instruction. Finally, about 6:15 a gal came out and told us that we would be following her to the meet & greet area. All of us followed her lead up the stairs and through the arena to a meeting room. Turns out, we were in the wrong place and had to go all the way around to the other side of the arena to another meeting space (certainly makes me appreciate the Casper Events Center Staff and their organizational skills!). This was it...the big moment was about here! We walked into the room and there were several chairs with a GAC Lady Antebellum backdrop and some stools up front. We all took our seats and a couple of folks from their crew came out and told us that Charles, Hillary & Dave would be out soon and that they would not be signing autographs because they had over 300 people to meet before the show, but they would have a brief question & answer period followed by a couple a acoustic songs and then a professional photographer would be taking our picture, then they gave us instructions on how to get the photo afterwards.

Shortly after that, in walked Charles, Hillary & Dave walked into the room and were greeted with many cheers. They sat at the front of the room and took questions for about 10 minutes before breaking into song...they sand their latest hit "Dancing Away With My Heart" it was amazing! I wish I would have been able to film it for you to see, but no cameras were allowed! :( Then, right after they finished, Dave had spotted someone in the audience had a mandolin, so he asked her to come up and play...she said she hadn't played in years, but he was welcome to play although she wasn't even sure if it was tuned...Dave grabbed it and let her know it was not anywhere near tuned, but he would tune it if she didn't Are you crazy? of course, she did not mind! So, while the mandolin was being tuned, they took a few more questions then once it was tuned they broke into song again, playing the newly tuned mandolin & signing it afterward (note to self...definitely bring and instrument the next time I get to meet!). Immediately following their last acoustic song, we all lined up to get our photos taken. It was one of the few times I've met someone that I didn't feel like I had to stick a leg out in front of me so I didn't appear so tall(even though I'm 5'8"...I often am anywhere between 5-6 inches taller than many country stars...even some of the men! (LOL)...Charles is 6'5"(Hillary was wearing 5 inch heels)!

Overall, it was one of the best meet & greet experiences I have ever had with the exception to the fact that I had to go back alone because I only was granted one pass. That wasn't enough to detour me though! I am glad I went back and met them...they are truly thankful to their fans and treat them right and have not let the fame go to their head...very down to earth and approachable! Love love love them!!!!!!

After leaving Denver, Lady A headed down to San Antonio to play for a sold out rodeo crowd! In their latest episode of "Webisode Wednesdays"...they have some fun with the very first ever "Lady A Ping Pong Classic" this is some pretty serious stuff...or not! LOL!!!!!