Today I had the grand experience of hearing a single from Tyler Farr on the radio.  It’s called “Redneck Crazy” (so clever and catchy!). Have you heard it? It’s a cute little ditty about a heart broken “redneck” that parks his manly and macho Chevy Silverado on the front yard of his ex-girlfriend’s house and throws beer cans at her window. The lyrics read, “I didn’t come here to start a fight, but I’m up for anything tonight. You know you broke the wrong heart Baby, and drove me redneck crazy”. Genius! What could possibly go wrong in this situation?

Pardon me if I don’t see the humor in this disgusting piece of crap. The brilliant writer goes on to actually write “wish I knew how long it’s been going on, how long you’ve been getting a little on the side. Nah, he can’t amount to much by the looks of that little truck”. Gee, you have to wonder why a nice girl like that would leave an idiot who judges a man by the size of his truck. Take note guys, size really does matter after all! I’ve always said for every big macho truck on the road, there is an owner that is trying to compensate for what the good Lord failed to bless him with.

The video tries to soften the edginess of this song with appearances by Colt Ford and Willie Robertson of the popular TV series “Duck Dynasty”. Again, I failed to see the humor. There is nothing funny or cute about stalking and intimidation. Imagine if the young girl in this video was your little sister, your cousin, or just a good friend.

One in Four women will experience domestic violence in her lifetime.  This year alone, 1.3 million women will be victims of physical assault by an intimate partner. It’s NEVER appropriate for a man to raise his hand to a woman, period.  If you or someone you know is the victim of domestic violence (or Redneck Crazy), please know there is help available. In Cheyenne, contact Safehouse Services of Wyoming at or call 307-634-4220.

My first impression of Tyler Farr, needless to say, is not very good. Did he really think it was a good idea to release a song like this? Really??

Did you think about the point of view of the ex-girlfriend when you heard this song?