2020 has been a year of appreciation for technology and how it allows us access to virtual learning.

And by "us" I mean both adults and kids.

The University of Wyoming recently announced that it now has a new online museum that includes 3D scans of various vertebrate skeletons.

The UW Museum of Vertebrates is an actual museum on campus that until recently was available for the public to visit.

This year they took time to do intricate 3D scans of their collections that can now be accessed for free online.

In this article from WyomingPublicMedia.org Matt Carling (faculty curator of the museum and associate professor in zoology and physiology) shared that the purpose of the museum was to allow anyone and everyone access to their vast collection.

He mentioned that studying skulls can tell you about how the animal lived, and at times died. For example, the teeth can tell you about the animal's diet.

At this time the museum contains 65 models and I have to be honest...I spent a lot of time looking through the collection.

My favorite skulls were the Lynx and the California Condor.

I can see my kids spending hours looking at these 3D pictures, and then googling their favorites so they can learn more about the animals.

It's a fun free way for your whole family to get some science into your life.

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