Before we begin, I need to admit that I learned something new today.

I had heard of Chris Ledoux's "Song Of Wyoming" but until now I didn't know that John Denver was the actual songwriter behind this lovely tune.

When I came across a pair of University of Wyoming students singing the song I found myself pausing in the chaos of the day to simply be still and listen.

Not only does Mady Lundblad have a lovely voice, and Thomas Quinlivan does a wonderful job accompanying her, but the lyrics of the song struck me as powerfully beautiful.

Isn't that harmony towards the end lovely?

For any of us that live in Wyoming currently, or have int he past, the lyrics are sure to make you feel Wyoming proud.

Here are a few of my favorites.

"Watching the river roll by
Here comes that big old prairie moon rising
Shining down bright as can be"

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"Drift like a cloud out over the badlands
Sing like a bird in the tree
The wind in the sage sounds like heaven singing
A Song of Wyoming for me"

Mady Lundblad and Thomas Quinlivan are both students from the University of Wyoming Music Department, and they created this video to share with their sister school in China.

What did you think of their cover?

Did you think it was beautifully done as well?

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