It's a good thing that this woman decided to look outside to check on her cat. What she saw instead was a mountain lion perched by her front gate watching children playing on a street nearby.

Imagine seeing this big kitty cat in your front yard.

Here's what the lady had to say about the sight out of her front door:

My cat got out today and when I went outside to look for him, I ran into this huge mountain lion in my front yard watching some kids ride their bikes in the street about 15 ft away.

This video was captured in Pacifica, California near San Francisco. This incident is one of the side effects of the California wildfires where a large number of wildlife have sought refuge in residential areas. A news crew had a bear run by their location covering the wildfires just a couple weeks ago.

2020 has been a challenge for all of us and that definitely includes the wildlife. Fortunately this mountain lion incident ended with no injuries to humans or cats.

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