Have you ever been mistaken for someone else? The cashier at the grocery store thought you were in their geography class. Things were a little awkward, and you just went on your way. During the Christmas holiday, someone mistook me for TikTok user BlueEyedBeardy. That in itself wasn't bad, but the guy was scamming people out of money and claimed a volcano was erupting at Alcova. You can read about the scheme here. I have to set the record straight. That isn't me.

Two separate listeners contacted the station, asking if this was me. I, Bill Schwamle, of sound mind and body, am not BlueEyedBeardy. Other than having a beard and glasses, we don't look alike. This BlueEyedBeardy has no association with Townsquare Media.

It started because another TikToker (Kenickies_hicky) said I was him. Why did they come to this conclusion? Maybe they have read my stories with my photo and byline. Regardless, that's not me.

What bothers me is the sheer recklessness of saying there is a volcano where there isn't one. The Natrona County Sherriff's Office has called this man a fraud. There is no evidence of an imminent eruption.

I'm not asking for money. Please, put it on the offering plate a church next Sunday. Give a healthy donation to Wyoming Food for Thought Project. Don't send money on TikTok. That's my thoughts on the subject. Then go to Thermopolis and get some healthy soak time in the geothermic pools.

I want to take this one step further. If you are reading this, please pray for BlueEyedBeardy. He needs help, and I wouldn't trust him with my money, but the guy needs aid on some deep level.

Check out @Arrdubs bringing some common sense to the situation.

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