It's here, Lemonade Day 2024, with Hilltop Bank. Families all over the Casper area will be showing off their hard work and lemonade creations while earning some cash.

Lemonade Day is an entrepreneurial program that teaches kids to start and run their own business. It's FREE for kids, and they keep all the money they make

This year is Casper's 10th year of participating in Lemonade Day, and just like in years past, there will be stands all over Casper, Mills, and Evansville.

So, how in the heck are you supposed to know where they are set up?

The answer is easy.

Check out the Lemonade Day interactive map.

Want An Easy Way To Find Lemonade Around Casper?

If your kids haven't branded their stand yet, there's still time to get on the list. All you need to do is go to the Casper Lemonade Day Website and fill out the information. Once you submit your stand, boom, you're branded and will be on the map.

Another way you can get your stand noticed is to go to the Lemonade Day Casper Facebook page, show us a picture, and give the location of your stand.

This year's Lemonade Day activities began on May 8th with the Kickoff Party at Hilltop Bank.

Then, the building and planning began for kids and their parents to prepare for the best stand contest on June 8th at Sutherlands.

The Real Importance of Lemonade Day

Ashlinn Swanson was one of dozens of kids who participated in Casper's Lemonade Day 2022. Some kids made Lemonade Stands to make money. Others did it to learn about entrepreneurship. Ashlinn and her family made one to give back to the community that has taken care of Ashlinn during her battle with Leukemia.

Gallery Credit: Nick Perkins, Townsquare Media

Past Lemonade Day Best Stand Contest Photos

Here are some of the participants of the Lemonade Day Casper Best Stand Contest at Sutherlands from the past few years.

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