The $5 footlong jingle will still stick in your head if you hear it, or you may just randomly start singing...Five...Five Dollar Fooooootlong.

Subway has been a go-to for many of us that were trying to eat healthier, but still needed a fast option. After the $5 Footlong promotion ended, eating at Subway slowed down for a lot of folks.

Over the years, the menu has changed, the bread options have changed, the signature subs have changed, but the chain is still an option for a quick healthier meal.

April is a good month for you to get your Subway fix for 1/2 price. The Footlong Pass is back and every day, for the entire month of April, you can pay $15 and get a Footlong Sub for 50% off.

Beginning March 21st and ending March 25th, there are 250,000 footlong passes available. You'll need to go to or if you have the Subway app, you'll be able to link through to the proper place to buy your pass.

That's good savings if you eat at Subway often.

There are a couple catches though

  1. You have to be a Subway MYWAY Rewards Memeber
  2. You have to buy the pass before they sell out March 21st - March 25th
  3. You can only use the pass from April 1 - April 30
  4. You can only get one footlong sub per day for the month
  5. The Footlong Pass is only available by using the Subway App or online at

Wyoming is home to 48 Subways around the state, with 8 of those locations being in the Casper area. You can click here to find the Subway that's closest to you.

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