If the internet is to be believed, the old Townsend Hotel in Casper used to have ghosts in it. Do you know if it really was (is) haunted?

What used to be the Townsend Hotel is now a Natrona County building at 115 N. Center Street. But, if you dig into the backstory, you'll learn the building has a rich history dating back to when it was a pioneer homestead according to its Wikipedia page.

Townsend became a hotel in 1923. It's at this point that it gets interesting. Many websites including Shadowlands claim the hotel was haunted.

Many teenagers in Casper have visited the Townsend Hotel as a thrill. But all have said they have heard voices and when going to the higher floors where the coffee house used to be they smell fresh brewed coffee despite the fact that everything has been removed from the Hotel.

Haunted Places rates the old Townsend Hotel as 80% haunted (based on reader votes). They also mention voices heard on the upper floors.

There's a cryptic Pinterest post that mentions several murders at the hotel being responsible for some of the unusual activity.

Many sites claim that the Townsend building used to be the go-to place for teenagers trying to freak themselves out. If you were one of them and have a story to tell, please share. Tell me if you believe the old Townsend building is haunted.

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