Having something jump out on the roadway at night can be a startling experience. Imagine what one driver was thinking when suddenly his path was blocked by two bull elk who brought their battle to the middle of a highway.

This special elk rutting season moment happened near Genesee, Colorado.

This happened more or less in Denver. Genesee is located just west of the west side of the metro when city becomes mountains.

Google Maps Satellite View
Google Maps Satellite View

This video reminded me of a late night scare my family had near Colorado Springs a few years ago. We road tripped into the mountains and didn't start heading back toward the city until after dark. In the middle of a sudden thunderstorm, a huge moose crossed the road right in front of us. Fortunately, he left the roadway as I doubt that would have ended good for either my family and/or the moose.

These two bulls were likely enjoying one of the common sights during rutting season - male on male antler battle. Fortunate for the driver that the bulls didn't tarry in his path long.

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